Wednesday, November 19, 2008

Video Games.. not just a man's world?

While watching the news at noon today there was an interesting report on the new advancement of women and video games. The report began by saying that video games are not just used by men anymore, its a women's world too. However, watching the report it was clear that this involvement is actually because of two very different reasons. Men enjoy the activity, the skill, and the challenge. Although some women do enjoy these aspects as well, by listening to the interviews and examining the information, it is evident women are interested in video games for the same reason they are interested in many other activities, the social aspect. Women quoted enjoying talking about it, getting together with friends for parties to do it and talking to people through the video games. Therefore, although women are getting involved it seems to reinforce the true nature of the differences between the genders instead of providing evidence to how they are becoming more "similar" as the report seemed to detail.

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Mike said...

I agree that women and men still view video games if very different ways, with exceptions of course. The different types of gamers are actually called causal and hardcore. Causal gamers is what most women fall into, they play sometimes, don't have anything invested into the game, it just fun, with friends, and play games that are easier to just jump into and play. I find videogames still have a unfair stigma about them; that they are different than any other form of entertainment, they are different say watching sports or tv, or reading. Most people think its silly to really care about a videogame. And on a whole i think would say even causal gamers think this, and women still don't understand why men, or some men care about gaming. And hence, even tho women are getting into gaming, its for the social/ causal aspects of it.