Tuesday, November 11, 2008

Freud is not all that and a bag of chips

As a Psychology graduate I must take up my dis-satisfaction with the love and admiration of Freud and his contribution to Psychology. Sure, Freud was a marker in psychological history, he put psychology on the map per say, but that doesn't mean that he was the best thing to happen to the science since sliced bread! There many intelligent and compelling theorists that deserve mention as opposed to just always falling back on Freud. For example, when watching popular television shows that claim to be about the smartest of people, for example Frasier, Criminal Minds, or The Big Bang theory. One would think they would want to put in the added effort of researching popular credible psychologists as opposed to sticking to good ol' Freud. Because of this it seems Freud is often mentioned just for the sake of seeming intelligent!
The prominent use of Freud in popular culture, i feel, sheds a light of mis-truth towards those who are less knowledgeable in the psychology field. Sure he was a psychologist, but not the only psychologist. Many of his theories were flawed and unproven, and yet by consistent mention of only Freud it reinforces the idea of pure truth in his ideas. In my opinion there are far more reliable theories and theorists that should be used more often than Freud. Enough with the Freud get some new material!


Mike said...

it's all about recognition on tv. if i say a billionare, i'm going to say bill gates, hockey player wanye gretzky, scientist einstein. Well these people are all well known, they may not be the best at each thing, arguebly they are, and the same i guess can be said for freud, he's the most famous.

Jenni Mac said...

I see your point, but for shows that base themselves on being concentrated on one topic I think it is a shame that they turn to the most obvious of the figgerheads of the feild. To compare, as I spoke about Fraiser and its constant mention of Freud. Would it make sense if a show about hockey only ever mentioned Wayne Gretzy? no. It wouldn't make sense to pride itselfs as a hockey based show and only ever mention one of the greats.
To add, this consistent use of only one main figgerhead only leads the uneducated in those fields to beleive that they are the most important part. Like Beckham and "football".

Mike said...

I do get what you are saying Jen. But i guess for a North American audience, athletes and celebs are more mainstream. But then most people don't know the names of many psychologists, i can only think of Freud. And it is a shame that they dumb themselves down, as they could open the average person to more great psychologists.