Wednesday, November 12, 2008

Second life and the removal of real life

After doing a presentation on the social media "second life" it has had me thinking about the way our world seems to be on a route of becoming more lonely, even though we have the ability of connecting with more people. The more advanced we have become in technology, the less advanced we become as social beings. If we have the technology and the tools to create a second life in which we can satisfy our consumer, business, and social desires, what will people ever need to leave the house for? Have we become a society that is too reliant on convenience? Has this taken away from our true living? Do we cause our own depression, and weight problems by continually coming up with these ways to make life "easier"?

Although second life, for example, provides amazing opportunities for business development and communication with people across the world, it is perhaps inhibiting the communication between the people in our immediate realm. Has convenience gone too far?
Is a choice between convenience in life vs really living?
Second Life:


Mike said...

IS it that we are being less advanced as social beings or is the definition of social being changing? I think the latter. I guess some become more lonely, have less contact with the real world, but people will always take things to the extreme.

Jenni Mac said...

I dunno i think that we are becoming less social beings. We are socializing to a lesser extent in face to face contact, and for many this falling back on technical socializing hinders them from ever needing to develop those social skills.
However, I guess in relation to your point on the changing of a social being, if all of us are changing in this way than is it all bad as long as everyone's social being changes a like?