Monday, November 24, 2008

Give me it with sugar coating please

Lately, I have heard a lot of "tell the truth", and "be honesty". Well, to be honest, sometimes you just need to sugar coating on the truth. I like to hear a lie every now and then, especially when I know its a lie that has been told to make me feel better! It soothes me to know that they would go through the trouble of lying to me to spare my feelings. I don't appreciate a lie that is told to cover up something. However, a sugar coated truth is often needed, especially in comparison to being brutally honest. For example, that dress looks great, but how about this one? or those "boots are still in", when I can't afford anything else. But not "holy shit this is garlicy", when I'm learning to cook!
In my opinion people say something different than they want. Although I may say I want honesty and it is a desirable trait in a person, to be honest, I like the truth with a little bit of sugar coating. Not to much, just enough to take away the sting.

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