Tuesday, December 9, 2008

I believe in Santa Claus!

When visiting a younger member of my family this weekend I was filled with Christmas spirit. This continued right up until the moment he blurted out in front of some of the child population, "Santa doesn't exist!". Although this was shocking to hear this seven year old say this, the most horrific thing he added was "that's what my teacher told me".
Teachers hold the power to change the lives of children every day. But when a teacher uses this power to steal the innocence from the children it seems to be such a shame.
It makes sense that a child would learn the truth of their world (as true as it may be) from their peers and from their own deductive reasoning. However, I completely disagree with a teacher being able to steal this belief from a child. If a teacher can't tell their students that a god doesn't exist, that why can they say that Santa doesn't?

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