Tuesday, October 21, 2008

Halloween De-breifing

Halloween is about dressing up, watching scary movies, and having fun. Young children don't dress up to insult anyone, or praise a devil, they dress up to have fun, pretend to be someone else for a day, fit in and most important to them, get a lot of Candy! I think people may be putting too much thought into this holiday. Perhaps when the day was first developed it was a Satan praising day, I am unsure of the origin of this. However, just like most other holidays the original purpose of these holidays have changed and are no longer as prominent to today's society. For example Christmas, people associate Santa Claus with Christmas perhaps more than Jesus, at least I'm sure most children do. To me, Christmas is a family holiday, a great excuse for giving and receiving, and watching some great Christmas movies mostly based on a fat man in a red suit. Easter is about chocolate, the Easter bunny, and family. And Halloween is about dressing up. So why do we have to pick this apart so much? What is wrong with children running around as bees, police officers, cowboys and princesses? Who is it hurting?
It is the 21st Century and Halloween is about Candy, dress up and fun, and that is it!

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